The Frames

Frames for cameos are strictly hand made carving any single gold foil. For this purpose, the precious metal (gold or silver) is first cast and then laminated in a different thickness.

Later on the precious metal, carefully shaped, is modeled in order to find out a perfect location for each cameo. This is a very compelling and delicate process which requires about six or seven years apprenticeship. In fact, during this period, the trainees are taught about the composition of the raw materials’ chemical elements and the way how to create several frames’ styles. Mountings are hand-fashioned to meet the custom specifications of each cameo.

The manufacture is indeed craftmade and the gold or silver mountings for cameos consist in the creation of handmade gold or silver-objects based on original free-hand drawings, which combine the sheer beauty of the gold to our goldsmithes’ highest craftsmanship.